The Selkirk & District Chamber of Commerce began as "The Board of Trade of the Town of Selkirk" on December 6, 1901. Merchants, traders, brokers, mechanics, insurance agents and others formed an association of representatives of the commercial sector of Selkirk. On March 20, 2013, the name was changed to Selkirk Biz.

                    Our Store....

...Our 2017 Store...

Juan More Thing

Along with several nominations, Juan More Thing has won the 2016 Customer Service Award at the 2016 Selkirk Biz Awards. Awards were handed out at their Gala Evening, October 26, 2016. The Selkirk Biz’s mission is to promote economic development, work in partnership with our civic agencies, provide value to our members, educational, networking and cultural interests making Selkirk and the surrounding district a more vibrant place to work, play, raise families and do business.

Selkirk Biz includes the City of Selkirk, RM of West St. Paul, St. Andrews and St Clements.

What We Offer

                    Our Story....

Juan More Thing is now a 1,000 square foot emporium filled with a colossal selection of active lifestyle apparel, bathing suits, jewelry, beach toys, etc. and of course the world famous Chula Sandal line. It is now located at 93 Grand Beach Road, Grand Marais, Manitoba, Canada in a building they purchased and renovated.  The flagship store in Grand Marais is open weekends from the middle of May until the end of June it is then open roughly 77 days in a row until Labour Day Monday in September.  Then it is then open weekends again until mid-October. Hours are from 11 AM daily until dusk or even longer in July and August. (the store posts the residents home phone number for emergency and after hour sales as well) We have also sold and shipped our products to as far away as Australia!

The Juan More Thing and Grand Beach - Beach Club logo and names has become recognized around the province for more than 5 years (with only minor revisions).

The company has established several licensing agreements including that with Chula Beach Stores Group, creators of the world famous Chula Sandals from Mexico.

Juan More Thing, a family owned business, is known for selling the surf, beach and active lifestyle to visitors from around the world.  We like to say we represent the community, the world famous beach and more.  This lifestyle is reflected in our stores, our products, and even our community spirit environment.  While business always comes first, we are never far from our roots – the beach and the heart of our community and the enjoyment we get greeting and making every one of our customers feel like part of our family.

At Juan More Thing you will find that quite a few of our employees both at the store and our corporate offices have held various positions in the company for many years.  The owners of Juan More Thing live year round in the community of Grand Marais and are commercial property owners in Grand Marais and home owner and cottage owner in both Grand Marais and Grand Beach.  They are an integral part of the communities and are past and current members of many local community organizations.

It has been an amazing journey for our small company to grow our brand and watch our customers grow with us.  We hear that wearing our logo’s merchandise has become a family tradition from newborns to great-grandparents alike.

It has been our pleasure to support community organizations with donations of our time, money and merchandise.  It has been a greater pleasure to share our passion with our clients, (many have become friends) our guests and visitors and to have Juan More Thing become a generational family tradition.

...Starting Out...

Juan More Thing was founded in 2012, in the Province of Manitoba, Canada, when a bright young woman named Dale-Ann was just discovering the art of beach business.

"The Original" unnamed Shop opened in Grand Beach Provincial Park in the summer of 2011.  She sold her famous Chula Sandals out of that tiny 120 square foot boardwalk shop, in addition to a variety of beach merchandise and jewelry.

Today, Juan More Thing has grown into a famous destination. "The Original"  Grand Beach - Beach Club & Juan More Thing logo’s apparel was flying off the shelves to cottage owners, local visitors, national and international tourists.